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Embroidery 101: Build Your Embroidery Kit for under $25

When the pandemic first started in 2021, I decided to teach myself to embroider as a way to disconnect from the news and social media. As someone with many, many hobbies, I was prepared to spend a lot of money. But to my surprise, I found that embroidery is one of the cheaper hobbies (as long as you don't buy things you don't need) and one of the most addicting. For less than $25 you can get everything you need to begin.

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What you need in your kit:

Below are the tools, that I've found essential for my embroidery kit. The bolded items are absolutely necessary, while the other items will make your life easier.

  • Embroidery needles

  • Embroidery thread (floss)

  • Scissors- these are the pair I use, they're portable, sharp, and super cute.

  • Fabric - I like to use fabric scraps and denim for practice and small projects but 100% cotton fabrics work really well for most projects.

  • Needle threader- I love this style and can't live without mine. I have extras all over the place.

  • Thread wax- another tool that makes embroidering so much easier.

  • Embroidery hoop- not necessary but will really help with lighter fabrics for more control.

  • Thimble- this tool is honestly new to me but working with denim, I'm finding how much it is saving my fingers.


If you're excited to get started and don't want to build your own kit from scratch, check out this all in one Embroidery Starter Kit from Amazon. This is what I bought when I first started.

I hope you find this information useful and get to jump into this amazing craft as quickly as possible. Feel free to reach out with any questions and don't forget to follow along for more tips and tricks in the upcoming year.

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